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Hi, I read your blog. I understand your feelings about the Security Gaurds, but I have to say that it isn't the Gaurds job to be involved except to call the police, observe, and report the happenings. I used to think the same way, until my friend told me about his training and what his job really details.

Also, shit, who would put their life in danger, if you're only getting paid 8.50 to 10 an hour? :)

And, what's up with the guy video taping? He sounds like a "cry baby" (for a lack of a better word) who wants to get beat up, instead of trying to communicate with the thug and get his bike back. It was as though he was egging him on, and then blaming security who's only getting paid cents to do something about his bike.

Sorry, I went on a tangent.

I just wanted to establish that Security unless Armed won't do anything because it isn't there job, and busting the myth.


Hi, thanks for your input! I totally understand and agree with you. My criticism is more towards the concept of 'security guards' and how broken this concept is in reality. They're definitely underpaid and unmotivated to put themselves in danger.

However, these guards refused to call the police even when the victim was physically threatened by the suspect. Then to add insult to injury, they blasted the bicycle owner for not putting his bike on a rack, saying "this is what happens..." I can't help but think that they are covering up something, be it their butts, their laziness or something more serious!

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